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Here are my recommendations for smartphone apps based on the various dimensions of your life: 

    D Test
: The PHQ-9 is a 9 question self measuring depression
    GAD-7 Scale: self rating anxiety scale that is useful to monitor your level of anxiety 
    iTRIAGE: symptoms, conditions, medications and more to aid you in review your condition
    Psych Drugs: simple layout of medication dosages, side effects, name (brand/generic), indications, maximum daily dosage (as reference only) 

    BizXpensTrkr: excellent resource of tracking personal or professional expenses, easily sent to your accountant 
    KeyRing: scans your various store cards (health insurance, Starbucks, etc...) allowing you to use your phone to scan at check out
    Mint: email updates, sync's with your financial accounts, great graphics, useful summary of spending
    ATracker: useful tool, multiple icons, optional backgrounds 
    Errands: mutiple folder options, icons, badge feature    
    Gift List:
handy app for keeping track of various gift
    HabitMaster: good forms and options for a variety of lists
    Orderly: creative layout that prioritizes high, medium and low tasks
    TaskAgent: multiple lists and very easy to use
    Wunderlist: creative design, syncing,