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Paul Ritter Counseling and Training, LLC
I started my own business, Paul Ritter Counseling and Training, LLC, in March of 2009. After twenty years of experience (Children’s Home Society, Volunteers of American, Lutheran Social Services and Avera Health) I believed I had enough academic, professional and life experience to provide a high standard of service to sustain a private practice. I thoroughly enjoy partnering with my clients to help them reach their goals by caring support, competent questioning, aspirational goals setting and high levels of encouragement. My aim is to help all those who become my clients to help them understand their therapeutic goals, core values, primary gifts and life decision fulfillment.

Elev8 Coaching, LLC
Elev8 Coaching, LLC, that focuses on developing value centered cultures for business and professional individuals. The integration of these two businesses often translates into a dynamic discussion about professional and personal development within the confines of the typical counseling session.   

Email Summary
At any point during the therapeutic process you can request a summary of the main points of the session can be emailed to you. Only approximately 15% of my clients actually take notes during the session. Much of therapy is communicated via verbal communication and recalling key components of the session the following day can be very difficult. Many sessions are emotional charged conversations, where many clients are processing their thoughts and feelings. Taking notes in these circumstances can be extremely difficult.