Raven Industries

Welcome Raven Industries Team Members!
Since 2015 I have been partnering with Raven Industries to provide onsite support services for Team Members that wish to access support at the worksite. This is an extension of the Employee Assistance Contract that Family Service Inc. has had with Raven Industries for years.


South Dakota Areas
Every Wednesday I spend time at various South Dakota locations (Sioux Falls, Brandon,Dell Rapids, Madison) where Team Members can converse about personal and professional challenges, ideas on how to help family members and friends as well as to receive referrals to various community services or other counselors at Family Service Inc.

Outside of South Dakota
I also am available by text, phone or email to all Raven Team Members throughout the country to provide the same support.

Accessing Me 605-321-9988 or [email protected]
Because many of life challenges are unscheduled you can have access to my services 24 hours a day. What this means is that you can text me and we can work out a time to conference call or meet depending on your location and situation when you are in crisis . I will do my best respond to your text message with several hours and then establishing a time to meet with one or two days, especially if the need is urgent.

Counseling Services
Raven Industries as an organization has made the commitment to provide counseling sessions for all their Team Members. Each Team Member and each of their significant other/family members under that age of 25 receive 6 sessions per year at no charge. This renews every January 1 st giving Team Members the same benefits the following year.

Family Service Team
Another great benefit of the Raven-FSI partnership is that Team Members are able to access a number of different counselors that specialize in different areas at the Family Service Inc. location. More information about those licensed counselors can be found either by: