1. Diagnosis:
A. Use of the DSM-5 Differential Diagnostic process to help insure accuracy and reduce bias.
B. Visit:
2. Assessment :
A. The DSM Level 1 Cross Cutting Symptom Measure - Adult may be used to clarify key treatment issues
B. See below under each diagnostic area
3. Treatment Planning :
A. If interested a written treatment plan it can be developed as a guide for therapy
B. Actions Plans: that include SMART goals, calendar application, individual and couple ongoing accountability to goals/learning.
C. Long term sustainability planning
Below are my evidenced-based assessment and treatment approaches categorized by the DSM descriptors:

A. Assessments:
1. Penn State Worry Questionnaire
2. GAD-7 Anxiety Test Questionnaire
3. Apps:
D Test : The PHQ-9 is a 9 question self measuring depression
GAD-7 Scale : self rating anxiety scale that is useful to monitor your level of anxiety
iTRIAGE : symptoms, conditions, medications and more to aid you in review your condition
Psych Drugs : list of medication dosages, side effects, name (brand/generic), dosages
B. Treatment Approaches :
1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
2. Exposure treatment
3. Mindfulness
4. Medication monitoring/feedback
5. Root Cause Analysis

A. Assessment:
1. PocketShrink app
2. ADHD Self Assessment Quiz
3. NICHQ PTC Assessment
B. Treatment Approaches :
1. Client education
2. Parent education
3. Social skills training
4. medication monitoring
ATracker : useful tool, multiple icons, optional backgrounds
Errands : multiple folder options, icons, badge feature
Gift List: handy app for keeping track of various gift
HabitMaster : good forms and options for a variety of lists
Orderly : creative layout that prioritizes high, medium and low tasks
TaskAgent : multiple lists and very easy to use
Wunderlist : creative design, syncing,

A. Assessments :
1. Bipolar Test
2. FOR
3. Tracking symptoms and correlating factors
B. Treatment Approaches:
1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
2. Rational-Emotive Therapy
3. Family Intervention/discussion with behavioral therapy
4. Medication monitoring

A. Assessments:
1. Gottman Relationship Checkup - visit:
2. The Five Love Languages - visit: or download the app: The Love Nudge
3. Learning Style Assessment
B. Treatment Approaches :
1. Individual: Emphasis on each individual focusing on the issues that they need to work on to improve the relationship.
2. Tools: prioritization, conflict resolution skills development, active listening, mindfulness, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Straw Man concept, Appreciative Inquiry, Mindmapping, Simplex Process, and Problem Definition Process are all tools that can be used to enhance the development of the relationship.

A. Sometimes couples come to determine if they are able to reconcile the relationship to a healthy sustained level of compatibility. I often help couples determine that the relationship needs to come to a close with a cooperative separation/divorce.  Sometimes divorce is the best answer.
B. I can help with a referral to an attorney or assist in completing the legal paperwork to keep the costs down if needed see this link for further information .
C. I also have hard copies of the 60 page document if printing is an issue

A. Assessments:
1. PHQ-9
2. Zung SDS
3. Beck Depression Inventory
4. Family of Origin Review
B. Treatment Approaches :
1. CBT
2. Interpersonal Therapy
3. Life Purpose Realization
4. Medication monitoring

A. Communication Options:
1. Phone conversations are still the most confidential way to conduct tele-counseling session:
2. FaceTime if you use Apple products
3. Zoom:
a. Download the Zoom app on your device
b. A Meeting ID number will be assigned for each session for you to enter from your device
c. I will initiate the call from my office
4. My cell number is 605-321-9988 and my office number is 605-336-1974
B. Paperwork/billing :
1. My front office staff will contact you or email  you the intake forms/insurance information to complete prior to the first session
2. A bill will be sent to your preferred address for payment.
3. Credit card payments can be made by calling our billing office at 605-336-1974