In 2009 after decades of experience in inpatient and outpatient settings  I determined that I had enough experience to start my own business, Paul Ritter Counseling and Training. I then joined the team at  Family Service Inc. The mission of collaboration and  community service have been beneficial. As a therapist I strive to stay current with  evidenced based methodologies. I  will thoroughly enjoy partnering with you to reach your goals by competent questioning, aspirational goals setting, laughter, creativity and high levels of encouragement. 

The years of self-employment has afforded me opportunity to integrate  freedom and responsibility. This regularly substantial energy. I use this energy to give you a platform of genuine expression of emotion and thought. I use it to partner in order to gain your perspective. I use it to determine the preferred therapeutic resources based on goals you establishes with me. This process continues to teach me about development, goal setting, disruption, motivation, endurance, sorrow, energy, resilience, resource management, and multi-range planning. All these experiences have given me the opportunity for growth, of which I have taken advantage. Underneath all of these features lies the confidentiality that a licensed therapeutic setting provides. 

I am the youngest of three brothers, whose father died when I was nine. This challenged and taught me that life is temporary and extinguishable. I have realized that co-mingling logic and intuition throughout life helps one survive and succeed. I was born with an insatiable interest in human dynamics. Over the years I have studied this extensively in the academic classroom and even more in the classroom of life. 

I am married and my wife, Jan Ritter, has been an incredible example of professional excellence in the field of Human Resources. She has taught me many things about myself, family, thoughtfulness and personal connection . We have one son, Thomas, who currently is in his first year of residency to become a Primary Care Physician.  His decision to become a first generation medical professional has taught me about endurance, academic excellence and service.